Our Products

At Baniaz HC we boast of a wide range of world class products such as our family juice range - Barney Juice:

Baniaz Barney juice range

Launched into the West African region in 2010. The product is developed with one of the World’s most popular cartoon characters - Barney. Enjoy your refreshing juice in the following variants:

Apple & blackcurrant

The Apple and Blackcurrant drink is made from apple concentrates sourced from the finest apples in South Africa, America and Brazil and also the rich tasting blackcurrant flavor. Enriched in Vitamin C and calcium for health growth.


Made from the freshest blend of banana, pineapple and orange, our tropical juice is 100% fruit content is rich in vitamins and minerals that enable the bones grow, enriches the body and encourages mental development.

Get a taste of our Baniaz Barney range of products today.
Barney Juice…Simply Bani-licious!!!


Currently we’re working on adding to our enriched Baniaz Barney Juice range of products and also introducing our Baniaz Juice in the following variants:

  • Baniaz Barney Apple
  • Baniaz Barney Apple and cherry
  • Baniaz Orange Juice
  • Baniaz Orange and Pineapple Juice

Health Snacks and Drinks

Our range of quality drinks and snacks are targeted towards consumers that are overweight, under nourished and desirous of appetite enhancers for healthy nourishment and total family enjoyment.

Health Products

Other health products ranges are currently being developed to cater for both the basic and other extra needs of consumers.