Distribution And Logistics

At Baniaz HC, we boast of a wide network of distribution which covers the whole key markets of Nigeria, spreading across rural and urban areas, towns and cities. We have a range of trucks and vans that do the road work not forgetting our warehouses scattered all over the place for storage. Our wholesalers, distributors, retailers, stores and other middlemen also play a major role in the distribution and redistribution process. Our partnership with international shipping lines and airlines take care of our international and trans-border markets.


Return Policy

As a Distributor, I may return current Products for any reason, provided the return takes place within thirty (30) days of purchase and all other requirements are met under the Contract. To make a Product return, I must contact Baniaz Juice’s customer support. All returns require a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number prior to shipment. Product shipped without an RMA will be refused.


For further general terms and conditions please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it